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NCVR are a women’s flat track roller derby league based in the North Cheshire area of the UK. This is the perfect place to view the league's upcoming events, ways to follow the league and to find out about how to join us.

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Where do all of the best ideas come from? A question so many of us ponder over, rack our brains about and search deep to find the answer. But it’s easy. The best ideas come from mere 45 minute car journeys. Well, that’s where this great idea came from!

North Cheshire Victory Rollers was founded in November 2011 by lead co founders, husband and wife, Neil and Nic. But in the derby world they are known as Von Finkenstein and Nic Dastardly. After being involved in derby elsewhere, the pair saw the need for hard hitting, fast skating and panty wearing over in the North Cheshire area. Being from Runcorn themselves, it was the perfect opportunity to introduce the only full contact, female sport on four wheels to fellow northerners.

We built up from a few eager beavers that had an appetite to try something new, to stand out from the crowd and basically get up and personal with fellow sweaty females. The first intake came from Runcorn, Warrington and Widnes and include current blockers Debbydoodah and Hitto,coach Ariel Detonation, referee Heidi Jam Peroxide and bench coach Pro Pain Penny.

The league started skating at local roller discos, practicing first how to skate and second how to fall without hurting yourself. The first official training session was in held Frodsham leisure centre car park on 1st Jan 2012. When we finally got inside the building, skating on a smooth, non gravel floor, we practiced for the first public bout in the summer of 2012 against Liverpool B team, where we took the win!

At the back end of 2012/2013, we rolled on over to Rudheath leisure centre as we were looking for a more suitable, skate friendly floor with a good mix of grip and speed. The Frodsham floor was too sticky and besides having a solid wall to block the opposing team, you need speedy jammers to pick up the points. Rudheath were very enthusiastic to have us and have been supportive ever since, which is why we still train there 4 years on.

Over the years NCVR have made intakes twice a year, where skaters have triumphed, fallen, or simply not felt the derby bug. It has left us with our current team ‘The Sirens’, made up of characters from all walks of life. Our full roster team now stands behind solid captain, Stace Hopper with bout fits finalized, flag flying high and our spirts ever so strong. Taking on more public bouts both home and away, we continue to spread the NCVR courage near and far.

Looking towards the future, NCVR are continuing with intakes with the hope of producing a second team to extend the family.

The kids won’t be left out as there will also be a junior league start up coming soon. Training at Rudheath leisure centre will be for 10-17 year olds, headed up by Junior League Coach, Moist. This will be co-ed with three levels of skating. Level 1 includes the basic skating skills, level 2 introduces the element of ‘lean blocking’, eliminating any full physical contact. Finally, level 3 will introduce full contact blocking and put the kids to the test; however with some slight alterations to rules so that we can give them back to you in one piece.